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Purchasing Swiss Bionic Solutions Products

Swiss Bionic Solutions products are sold exclusively by our independent and certified Lifestyle Consultants. And that for good reason: They are the only persons who can provide you with top-quality and knowledgeable advice. They are also available for any questions you may have after purchasing a Swiss Bionic Solutions product.

Our certified Lifestyle Consultants offer hereby selective health counseling services, Mobile Health services (formerly known as telemedicine services) within the scope of our valid QM-System ( ISO 13485:2016), including electro (magnetic) stimulation therapy, light- and color therapy as well as biofeedback.

For safety reasons, we don't recommend buying our products via any of the online platforms, such as eBay, for example. The use of sales channels such as these lies outside our understanding of service and quality, and our sales partners are therefore prohibited from making use of these channels.

Purchasing new or used Swiss Bionic Solutions products at eBay or similar platforms may result in a risk in terms of warranty claims and a lack of valuable and knowledgeable expert advice.

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To ensure that you receive optimal advice, we will forward your request to a certified Lifestyle Consultant near you. Consequently, please inform us as to how you got to know about us and who your certified Lifestyle Consultant or contact person is.

If you don't have a contact person, please tick the box "I don't have a contact person yet"

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